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ProDising is a team of industrial designers with more than twenty years of experience in the design of products.

Having the most modern computer software as well as the most powerful engineering tools, laboratory and workshop, make us a really trustworthy company.

These resources let us develop design  projects “all included” with advantages in costs and timing, giving  solutions to all the steps of the design project, from the conceptual  design, multimedia presentations, industrialization, engineering  documents to the tracking of preserials and put into production..

A wide range of products in  different sectors (vending, hotel industry, household goods, transport,  electrical appliances) guarantees the quality, creativity and solves the  requests of the client of ProDising.
Design is a strategic tool to improve business competitiveness.
Innovation is valued through design.

Design drives technology to get well manufactures products that fulfil their functions, improving the quality of life for users while protecting the environment.

Design provides:
- Portfolio that appreciates the company
- Reaching new market
- Differentation from competitors
- Reinforce brand image
- Faster placing into the market
- Cost savings
- Intellectual property and patents
- Sustainable products
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